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To give access to technology and essential patent portfolio developed by prolific and renowned engineers and inventors

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Licensing Areas

Modules for electrohydraulic actuation (brake, transmission)

Pressure supply concepts and designs, Pedal interface, sensors, electric drives with integrated gear, solenoid valves

Motors with double air gap

Highly compact, dynamic E-motors with reduced inertia

Vehicle electrification

Combined battery and ultra-capacitor vehicle electrification systems to support start-stop and recuperation applications

Braking systems for automated driving

Electrohydraulic braking systems with fail operational designs and redundancy for SAE automation levels 3-5

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Impact of automated driving on future brake systems

The automotive industry faces disruptive changes with the growing importance of automated driving. The authors compare the requirements on passenger car brake systems at increasing SAE levels of driving automation and present a new and innovative electromechanical brake booster solution.

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