License Areas

We offer strong patent protection in the following licence areas

Electrical System with Energy Storage

The electric supply systems for motor vehicles are growing ever more important. Innovative power supply concepts enable adequate and appropriate control of the generator output at minimum consumption levels.  

Electric Motors

The patented Double Air Gap Technology (DAG) sets new standards in dynamics and throttle response. The motors are impressive due to their high-power density and efficiency at a lower weight combined with their compact design and excellent dynamics. They reduce spikes in...

Pressure Supply Units (PSU)

The hydraulic pressure supply units with high precision control, comparable with that of electromechanical actuators include smart redundancy and set higher standards in the use as hydraulic actuators. In addition, PSUs can be found in chassis actuators for steering and braking, but...

Electro-Hydraulic Braking Systems

IPGATE’s unique patent portfolio for electro-hydraulic braking systems has been continuously evolving since 2005 and combines the system basics with new developments geared towards disruptive technologies like electro-mobility and automated driving. The 1-Box Integrated Braking System IBS can without doubt be described...

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