Electrohydraulic actuators

Pressure supply unit

The patent DE102011106626A1 describes an innovative, high-dynamic, compact drive with an electric motor and integrated gearbox designed to actuate a hydraulic actuator, particularly for braking systems. The innovation lies in the partial placement of the hydraulic actuator within a cavity formed by the electric motor, specifically its rotor. This design optimizes the drive’s length, creating a compact unit that can facilitate the development of cost-effective braking systems where the booster, gearbox, and actuator are integrated and compactly arranged. The drive aims for high dynamics, torque, and controllability, achieved through a preferably synchronous motor with a power range of 200 to 1000 watts, keeping the motor’s inertia low to enhance performance.

Further advancements include a tube-shaped rotor design using magnetic material with high saturation reduction to minimize wall thickness, thus reducing the rotor’s moment of inertia. The rotor can be configured with permanent magnets affixed to its exterior, protected by a thin-walled sleeve to prevent detachment. The invention also contemplates the use of reluctance or asynchronous motors for different applications. The detailed description emphasizes the invention’s aim to integrate motor and actuator components compactly and efficiently, focusing on dynamic performance, compactness, and reliability in braking and other hydraulic actuation systems.

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