We are only satisfied when everyone else is satisfied. When licensing IP, our complete focus lies on the determination of a fair value assessment so that all parties benefit equally from the cooperation.

The result: Successful partnerships and long-lasting relationships with satisfied customers.


Big ideas shape the world.

Creative minds are few and far between. They should, therefore, be able to concentrate fully on what they love and excel in doing – we will take care of the rest.

Our patent portfolio contains visionary and revolutionary developments by internationally renowned engineers like, for example, Dr. Anton van Zanten, Ing. Heinz Leiber and Dr. Thomas Leiber.

Our Customers.

The innovation of our inventors are licensed by numerous OEMs and suppliers.

News & PR

March 2019

Impact of automated driving on future brake systems

The automotive industry faces disruptive changes with the growing importance of automated driving. The authors compare the requirements on passenger car brake systems at increasing SAE levels of driving automation and present a new and innovative electromechanical brake booster solution.

November 2020

ipgate receives Innovation Award 2020/2021

ipgate is thrilled to have been awarded the Swiss Institute for Quality Testing (SIQT) Innovation Award 2020/2021 for its achievements as top innovator in section “Vehicles in General”! We are proud and honored to work with top-of-the-class inventors providing the foundation for our cutting-edge brake systems!

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