What we do

Our expertise is illustrated in our patent portfolio, developed by our internationally successful and renowned engineers and inventors. We launch next generation braking system technology for internal combustion engines, hybrids, electric cars and autonomous driving, licensing attractive IP packages and paving the way for successful licence partnerships in the fields of braking systems, electric motors and related technologies.

Our Mission

Automotive technology empowered.

We want to enable visionary ideas to be brought to life. We enable access to technology and create an economic framework in which pioneering innovations and advanced products can emerge. We offer guidance, support and security. We connect people, companies and visions, build networks and long-term partnerships.

We firmly believe that good things can only come to pass when all parties involved benefit. Therefore, we are constantly searching for the win-win situation. As we are well aware that mighty oaks grow from little acorns, we focus on alternative models of cooperation that also enable small companies and start-ups to take part.


Corporate Customer

Profound and comprehensive IP protection is the basis for making the latest, most visionary technology available worldwide and developing it further. In this respect, we offer the required strategic and legal expertise as well as technical services and co-development in the area of automotive high-end technology. This is made possible due to our close partnership with LSP Innovative Automotive Systems.


Big ideas are also created and needed in small companies. Whether it entails licensing solutions for your own portfolio or accessing cutting-edge innovations using alternative licensing models like IP for Equity, we are competent consultants and service providers for small enterprises and start-ups.


Inventions are your intellectual property, your greatest asset and, therefore, one worth protecting. We can help you to fully exploit and safeguard them on a long-term basis. As IP Brokers with long-standing ties in the automotive industry, we can help and guide you on patent and licensing issues, as well as contribute to the commercialisation of the intellectual property.

Our Services

Patent and Knowhow Licensing

From the traditional patent licensing through licensing models from co- developements to alternative licensing models (e.g. IP for Equity), we offer wide- ranging consulting expertise and are a comprehensive service provider.

IP Brokerage

As a broker for patent licensing businesses, we can offer our experience and knowledge to support you in the search for a licensing partner. We understand the needs of the industry and are quick to recognise trends and market potential. Our holistic approach covers services ranging from potential analysis, through contact initiation, to negotiating and structuring licence contracts. Our ultimate goal is to ensure a fair value and win-win solution for all parties.


Electrifying motion – that is the motto of our close partner LSP Innovative Automotive Systems. LSP is a development company and think tank located in Unterföhring, Munich. The team of dedicated and highly qualified engineers is a vital part of its range of services providing sound knowledge, creativity and proven technological leadership. Our cooperation with LSP gives our customers access to visionary IP in the form of over 200 patents, whilst also enabling unique cooperation possibilities in the field of research and development.

News & PR.

March 2019

Impact of automated driving on future brake systems

The automotive industry faces disruptive changes with the growing importance of automated driving. The authors compare the requirements on passenger car brake systems at increasing SAE levels of driving automation and present a new and innovative electromechanical brake booster solution.

November 2020

ipgate receives Innovation Award 2020/2021

ipgate is thrilled to have been awarded the Swiss Institute for Quality Testing (SIQT) Innovation Award 2020/2021 for its achievements as top innovator in section “Vehicles in General”! We are proud and honored to work with top-of-the-class inventors providing the foundation for our cutting-edge brake systems!

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