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Electrical system with energy storage

Start-Stop and Regenerative Braking Systems

Due to the increasing amount of energy recovery during, for example, the start-stop and regenerative braking process, the electrical system has to cope with additional loads. A separation of...

Electric motors

Double Air Gap Technology

The electric rotor is characterised by minimal inertia, high revs and high torque. An air gap between the rotor, on one side, and the stator, on the other, means...

Pressure supply unit

Electro-Hydraulic Actuators

The high-precision, innovative pressure control system uses a motor/spindle drive and double stroke piston with an electromechanical drive. As space requirements are kept to a minimum, huge benefits can...

Electrohydraulic braking system

IBS – Automated Driving

The revolutionary 1-Box integrated braking system, with its modular and flexible packaging concept, is the preferred solution for automated driving. It is characterised by fail-safe functions like multiple redundant...

Electrohydraulic braking system


The X-Boost brake booster, with its markedly light and compact design, is a revolutionary new development. First presented in detail in March 2019, the X-Boost technology is a costeffective...

Electrohydraulic braking system

Brake Booster

The basis for controlling brake boosters with simplified differential movement measurement and central pressure supply, as well as the basis for energy recovery in hybrid vehicles and improved safety...

Electrohydraulic braking system

IBS Basics

The innovative brake booster consists of an electromotive powered piston cylinder system and integrated ABS/ESP function. It comprises high precision pressure control as a result of its constant analysis...

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